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Last I read we were still coming out of an ice age. how much of the global temperature change is due to natural changes and how much are man made? Also we know there is a hole in the ozone layer, but how do we know it is not something that has been there for thousands of years?
Hello Craig, The scientific consensus is that natural changes in the sun’s energy and from volcanic eruptions have a very small effect on global temperature compared to human-caused changes. Scientists estimate that natural causes have...


FreshWaterLIVE webcast for classrooms coming soon! Check it out! http://t.co/Nlgg06lBCQ http://t.co/mLFdhmtQMS
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RT @FAOKnowledge: Fresh water availability in NENA region exp. drop 50% by 2050. #UNFAO Initiative http://t.co/oqdCXEWNoo #wwweek http://t.…
about 5 days ago
Wilderness exhibit photos at Natural History Museum DC make u want to grab a camera and GO! @forestservice http://t.co/Ls9qljiEl0
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Next in our FSNatureLIVE learning adventure series! FreshWaterLIVE airs for 4-8th grade classes on Oct. 1st!
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Newest in our award-winning series, FreshWaterLIVE follows water's journey from forest to faucet. Join us Oct 1 at 1PM ET for webcast! www.FreshWaterLIVE.org
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ClimateChangeLIVE has won a number of awards:

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Young Voices for the Planet/Dreaming in Green
Alliance for Climate Education
GreenSchools! Program
Students Research Impact of Idling Cars
Project BudBurst
Inspiration at the Sc3 Conference
Young Voices for the Plant/Green Ambassadors
Knowledge to Live By
Will Steger Foundation
Green Schools Alliance Sc3 Conference

Kids on Climate Change

Alex from Hylton High
Jaclyn with Green Schools Alliance
Nina from Hylton High School
Myesha from Hylton High School
Green Hero
Roundtable Discussion at the Student Climate and Conservation Congress
Aimee with Green Schools Alliance
Jordan from Hylton High School
Kathryn with Green Schools Alliance
Shah from Hylton High School
Amanda from Hylton High School
Eric with Green School Alliance
Alliance for Climate Education: Greeley Greencats
Maana (Now)
Stefanie from Hylton High School
Esme with Green School Alliance
James from Hylton High School
Joe with Green Schools Alliance
Kat from Hylton High School
Amaya from Hylton High School
Climate Change: Youth Perspectives
Get Green with STEM Vision
Andrew with Green Schools Alliance

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Welcome to the ClimateChangeLIVE distance learning adventure! The U.S. Forest Service and 26 federal and NGO partners bring climate learning to you through a series of webcasts, webinars, and online climate education resources! The ClimateChangeLIVE electronic field trips are a way to learn about climate change science directly from climate experts, educators, and students. This distance learning adventure provides an amazing collection of science-based, climate education resources and programs, aligned to national science education standards.

Watch the webcast: Educate, Inspire and Engage!
Features award-winning climate education assembly from the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE).  Videos of youth talking about the impacts of climate change they have experienced where they live. (39 min)



Watch the webcast: Join the Climate Conversation
An interactive event, where students and climate experts discuss climate change and what students and schools across the country are doing to become part of the climate solution.  (55 min)

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